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We partners with forward-thinking companies to build brand and design new products, we strive to provide business-focused solutions that are creative.

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Art Direction.


Web Design.

While very diverse, my aesthetic approach often involves distinct sense of play and global vision, aiming to put the fun in functional. Strategically, our work aims to elevate brands offerings by distilling core messaging down to its clearest and fresh visual values. While very diverse, our aesthetic approach often involves distinct sense of play, aiming to put the fun in functional.Our aim is to investigate the processes of type design  and design itself  as a non-dogmatic practice. Stressing the form, stretching the concepts up to corrupting rules and misuse of tools. We like to conceive typography as system and medium. Strategically, our work aims to elevate brand offerings by distilling core messaging down to its clearest and freshest visual form.

Alma Criolla Limited Edition

Un bloque de madera se convierte en la metáfora perfecta para un vino que está destinado a calentar el frío de…

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Absolut Pack 2 Shot

Un pack promocional que incluye dos vasos para shot. Dos tercios de vodka, un tercio de tónica, unas gotas de limón...…

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Tomas Björk

Web Developer based in Milan

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My aim is to investigate the processes of type design — and design itself — as a non-dogmatic practice. Stressing the form, stretching the concepts up to corrupting rules and misuse of tools. I like to conceive typography as system and medium.
While very diverse, my aesthetic approach often involves distinct sense of play and global vision, aiming to put the fun in functional. Strategically, my work aims to elevate brands offerings by distilling core messaging down to its clearest and fresh visual values.

Skydiver, ramen eater, ukulelist, Mad Men fan and brand builder. Doing at the intersection of beauty and sustainability to answer design problems with honest solutions. I work with Fortune 500 companies and startups. Making at the sweet spot between aesthetics and purpose to craft an inspiring, compelling and authentic brand narrative. I’m fueled by hip-hop and tortilla chips. Working at the junction of beauty and elegance to create strong and remarkable design.

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Im a Portrait, Fashion and Lifestyle Photographer living in New York

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Ser diferente es la mejor forma para destacar en un mundo saturado de ofertas y competencia.

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Advanced Grid

Truly one of the most powerful and advances grid system with equal-height and spacing presets.

Digital Branding

Uncode comes with pixel perfect & clean design to satisfy any possible an impossible needs.

Top Performance

Automatically adapt and set your images for best quality on all devices and resolutions.

Responsive Design

A perfect responsive theme powered with selective options for different screen resolutions.