Performance based advertising.

AppSeriously is a global marketing platform that specializes in mobile customer acquisition. With their performance and programmatic technology, they help many top brands acquire new users, monetize their traffic and gain a positive return on their ad spend.


100% of traffic is generated through their in-house media buying team, which buys on a CPM basis and optimizes towards CPI or CPA. Buying traffic through various trusted and well recognized DSPs as well as other 3rd party platforms.

Take the risk of buying on a CPM basis because it ensures greater control over performance which in turn means cleaner & better traffic.


This batch contains purposes and normatives, some pieces are just inspirational, while others are part of brand guidelines.

The general mood is dinamic and energetic, putting people at first place and conveying at a sense of purpose. We want to reclaim the yellow / blue combination for our own lenguage.